The European Union in International Diplomatic Relations

EUDIPLO Publications and Reports

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Jing Men, The Chinese Perspectives on the EU’s Policy towards China, October 2023 (EUDIPLO/IAI policy papers 23|22)

Jing Syuan WONG, What role has in-betweenness played in Turkey and Indonesia’s bilateral relations with the EU and Japan respectively since 2000s?, September 2023 (EUDIPLO Paper 23|02)

Anna Pau, An analysis of the rationales behind the launch of the European Political Community and its added value for EU diplomacy, June 2023  diplomacy, June 2023 (Eurojus)

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Federica Mogherini's key-note speech at the EUDIPLO kick-off conference on 20 November 2020 was partly based on the insights she shared in this Guest Editorial: Serving the Union Foreign and Security PolicyEuropean Foreign Affairs Review, 2020, no. 2, pp. 155-158

A.M. Pelliconi, J.Odermatt and R.A. Wessel, The European Union's External Action and International Law: A View From the OutsideCity Law School Research Paper 2020/02, 2020 (pre-project publication)