The European Union in International Diplomatic Relations

EUDIPLO Network Partners

University of Geneva

Prof. Christine Kaddous is full Professor at the University of Geneva, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam and Director of theCentre d’études juridiques européennes (CEJE). She is also Director of the Master of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance (MEIG Programme), created by CEJE and GSI in cooperation with the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG). She teaches EU law, EU Internal Market law and EU External Relations. Her research expertise is in the heart of the topic of the present project as she is a specialist in EU external relations law, in particular EU foreign and trade policy. She has been or is a visiting professor at the Montesquieu University in Bordeaux, Nice Sophia Antipolis, Paris II (Panthéon Assas) as well as the College of Europe (Bruges/Natolin). She studied law in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and in Cambridge (LLM, Cantab) as well as in Brussels (MA in European Studies, ULB). She practiced as a lawyer for many years in the field of Commercial Law in Switzerland. She is President of the Swiss Society of International Law (Société Suisse de droit international, SSDI-SVIR) and  Vice-President of the Association suisse pour le droit européen (ASDE). She has published widely on international and EU law, international dispute settlement, international trade, EU-WTO relations, EU-Switzerland bilateral agreements and free movement of persons and services, including 110 articles/book chapters and 12 books.


Prof. Vincent Chetail (international relations law and migration law); Prof. Nicolas Levrat (European and international law); Prof. Xavier Oberson (European and international tax law); Prof. Thomas Schultz (international arbitration and dispute settlement); Prof. Karine Lempen (European and international labour law); Prof. Alexandre Flückiger (constitutional and administrative law); Prof. Ugo Panizza (international economics and investment); Philipp Hahn (Research Associate at CEJE); Elizabet Ruiz Cairó (PhD-canditate and research assistant); Megumi Mosca (CEJE secretariat); Anouchka Offenstein (CEJE documentarist-librarian)


University of Pisa

Prof. Sara Poli is Full professor of EU law, working in the area of European studies since 1996. She has a specific expertise in the area of external relations and also international law which are both relevant for the project. She has reached the following high-quality achievements in this field: she held a Jean Monnet Chair (2013-2016), she has organised conferences and summer schools on EU external relations and she has published in English and in Italian in the most renowned Journals. She has studied/worked EU law in departs of several Universities in Italy, Belgium, UK and the US. She has been part of the academic staff of prestigious research Institutes (the European University Institute and the College of Europe). She has been a student with scholarship of College of Europe, Bruges. She has received and successfully managed various research grants related to EU external relations and also other topics of European Studies (i.e. JM Chair, Marie Curie, JM fellowship, Fulbright-Schuman fellowships as well as the Belgian ‘Vlac fellowship’, German Daad fellowship). 


Dr. Ricardo Alcaro (transatlantic relations, with a special focus on US and European policies); Simone Barenghi (EEAS); Dr. Claudio Cinelli (EU and the Artic and the law of the sea); Dr. Sylvia Colombo (IAI; European Integration Studies on Middle Eastern politics and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation); Dr. Marcello di Filippo (international law, EU integration); Dr. Nona Mikhelidze (IAI; International Relations, Eastern Europe and Eurasia); Dr. Simone Paoli (history of international relations); Anna Pau (international law, disputed territories); Dr. Nicoletta Pirozzi (IAI; European integration and external policies); Dr. Bernardo Venturi (IAI; Africa, civilian crisis management, CFSP/CSDP, peacebuilding, and development).


University of Groningen (coordinator)

Prof. Ramses A. Wessel is an internationally oriented researcher who has ample experience with international and EU projects. He has a wide international network. His research expertise is in the heart of the project topic as he is a specialist in EU external relations law, EU foreign and security policy and international organizations. At his university, he is Academic Director of the European Law in a Global Context LLM and co-Director of the Research Programme Protecting European Citizens and Market Participants. His additional functions include: Vice-President of the European Society of International Law (ESIL), and Member of the Governing Board of the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) in The Hague. Editor of a number of international journals. Ramses is Editor of European Papers and of Nijhoff Studies in European LawMember of the Editorial Board of SEW Tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht and of Europe and the World: A Law ReviewEditor-in-Chief and founder of the International Organizations Law Review; Editor-in-Chief of the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law, of European Foreign Affairs Review, and of ESIL Reflections.


Prof. Jurian Langer (European law, international/EU negotiations, diplomacy legal advisor at the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs); Dr. Justin Lindeboom (European law, autonomy of the EU); Prof. Marcel Brus (Public international law, diplomatic law); Prof. Panos Merkouris (Public international law, treaties and custom); Dr. André de Hoogh (Public international law, diplomatic law); Prof. Jaap de Wilde (International relations, international cooperation); Prof. Jan van der Harst (EU studies, EU relations with Asia); Alma Erenhard (project management); Nel Meijer-van der Kooi (financial management)


KU Leuven

Prof. Jan Wouters is Full Professor of International Law and International Organizations, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam EU and Global Governance and Director of the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies and Institute for International Law at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven). In Leuven, he teaches public international law, international organizations and the law of the World Trade Organization. As Visiting Professor at Sciences Po (Paris), LUISS University (Rome) and the College of Europe (Bruges) he teaches EU external relations law. As Adjunct Professor at Columbia University (New York), he teaches comparative EU-US perspectives on international human rights law. He practises law as Of Counsel at Linklaters, Brussels. He is a Member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts. He studied law and philosophy in Antwerp and Yale University (LLM 1990), was a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School and obtained his PhD at KU Leuven (1996). He is Editor of a number of international journals and has published widely on international and EU law, international organizations, global governance, and corporate and financial law, including more than 70 books, 140 journal articles and 230 chapters in international books. 


Prof. Katja Biedenkopf (Sustainability politics); Prof. Stefan Keukeleire (European integration and European foreign policy); Prof. Michael Smith (external policies and on EU diplomacy, on the EU and world order, on EU-US relations and on EU-Asia relations); Dr. Kolja Raube (European Parliament, interparliamentary cooperation, legitimacy, the rule of law, foreign policy); Dr. Gutavo Müller (diplomatic relations between the European Union and Latin America); Franziska Petri (EU climate and energy diplomacy); Dr. Sanderijn Duquet (EU and international diplomatic and consular law).