The European Union in International Diplomatic Relations


20 October 2023: EUDIPLO Final conference The EU and International Diplomatic Law and Politics: Views from the Outside, in cooperation with the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) (The Hague) [registration open now]

25 September 2023: Start of the EUDIPLO Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on European Union Law and EU External Relations - register now! (Leuven)

8 May 2023: EUDIPLO/GGC Lunch Conversation on EU Diplomatic Law and Protocol with Sanderijn Duquet, Diplomatic advisor to the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters (Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, KU Leuven), Prof. Dr. Frank Hoffmeister (Chief Legal Officer, EEAS) and H.E. Thierry Béchet (Chief of Protocol, EEAS) (Brussels)

28 April 2023: TRICI-Law & EUDIPLO Workshop The European Union and the Interpretation of Customary International Law – (Videos Panel 1, Panel 2, Panel 3) (Groningen)

21 April 2023: EUDIPLO Interdisciplinary Doctorate Workshop - EU Diplomacy: Confronting Legal and Political Insights (Groningen)

16 March 2022: EUDIPLO Associated Doctoral Workshop on EU Law (Pisa)

23 September 2022: EUDIPLO/Aarhus University seminar Reassessing 50 Years of EU External Relations Case Law + EUDIPLO Board meeting (Copenhagen)

20-25 June 2022: EUDIPLO Summer School on EU Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities + EUDIPLO Board meeting (Pisa)

31 May 2022: EUDIPLO Conference EU Diplomacy in Multilateral Fora (Geneva)

19 November 2021: EUDIPLO Doctoral Workshop The Law and Practice of EU Diplomacy in Regional and Global Organisations (Geneva)

1 October 2021: EUDIPLO workshop Young Professionals Forum on EU Diplomacy (Pisa) Presentations: Maziere, Manu, Kyriaku, De Grauwe, Fouquet, Vilcinskas, Svircic

9 June 2021: EUDIPLO/ENGAGE webinar Revisiting Decision-Making in the EU’s CFSP: Time to Act? (Leuven) - VIDEO

6 May 2021: EUDIPLO Panel Discussion on The Sofagate Incident: Diplomatic, Legal, Political and Protocol Dimensions, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven) - VIDEO

22 April 2021: EUDIPLO workshop – La Suisse et l'Europe : négociations en cours et nouveaux enjeux, with Blaise Matthey, Directeur général, FER Genève, Christine Kaddous, Professeure et directrice du Centre d'études juridiques européennes (CEJE, UNIGE), Yves Zumwald, Directeur, Swissgrid
Jean-Marc Triscone, Vice-recteur de l'Université de Genève (UNIGE), Conférence organisée par la FER Genève en partenariat avec le Centre d’études juridiques européennes (CEJE) (Geneva, online)

11 February 2021: EUDIPLO Panel Discussion on The Diplomatic Spat between the EU and the UK regarding the Union Delegation in London, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven) - VIDEO - see also this paper by one of the participants.

20 November 2020: EUDIPLO Kick-off conference The EU in International Diplomatic Relations: Challenges and Opportunities; with a key-note speech by former HRVP Federica Mogherini  (Pisa; online)

12 June 2020: Pre-project workshop on The European Union's External Action and International Law: A View from the Outside, City Law School, City, University of London (with Jed Odermatt)


EUDIPLO Lecture Series

17 April 2023: EUDIPLO/GGC Lecture – Diplomatic Law and Immunities, with Sanderijn Duquet (Leuven)

5 April 2023: EUDIPLO Lecture – Restricting the right to freedom of expression through restrictive measures: the ruling of the General Court in Russia Today France, with Sara Poli (Cork)

8 March 2023: EUDIPLO/Groningen lecture Series – The Potential of a European Defence and Security Union – Value-Based or Interest-Driven?, with Markus Kotzur (Groningen)

6 March 2023: EUDIPLO/Groningen Lecture Series – European and International Law before the Meta Oversight Board, with Jed Odermatt (Groningen)

10 January 2023: EUDIPLO Lecture – The Normalisation of Common Foreign and Security Policy, with Ramses A. Wessel, in cooperation with the University of Cagliari and Forum AISDUE 'Proiezione internazionale dell'Unione europea' (Cagliari)

19 December 2022: EUDIPLO/MEIG Lecture –The Role of the EU in Peace and Security; with Ramses A. Wessel (Geneva)

15 December 2022: EUDIPLO Lecture – EU restrictive measures in reaction to Russia’s aggression to Ukraine: a form of coercive diplomacy?; with Prof. Roman Petrov (Pisa)

31 October 2022: EUDIPLO/Hertford College Lecture – Speaking on The Normative Force of Article 3(5) TEU: The EU's Duty to Observe and Develop International Law, with Ramses A. Wessel (Oxford)

2 May 2022: EUDIPLO Lecture – Suisse - Union européenne : bilan et perspectives, with Mme Livia Leu, Secrétaire d’État aux affaires étrangères et négociatrice en chef pour les négociations avec l’Union européenne (Geneva)

8 March 2022: EUDIPLO/Groningen Lecture Series – Analysing the EU from an International Law perspective, with Jed Odermatt (Groningen)

7 October 2021: EUDIPLO Lecture – The Autonomy of the EU Legal Order from an International Law Viewpoint, with Prof. Rames A. Wessel (Rome, Sapienza Università)

19 April 2021: EUDIPLO Lecture – Dispute settlement of EU trade disputes between the WTO and FTAs mechanisms, with Prof. Giorgio Sacerdoti, former Chairman and Member of the WTO Appellate Body (Geneva; online)

26 March 2021: EUDIPLO Lecture – Opinion 1/76 and mandatory non-mixity?, with Prof. Allan Rosas, former Judge at the European Court of Justice (Geneva; online)

30 November 2020: EUDIPLO Lecture – EU Diplomacy in 2020: A Conversation with Ambassador Mr. Bart Ouvry, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven)

EUDIPLO Final Conference 2023
EUDIPLO Final Conference 2023
EUDIPLO Final Conference 2023
EUDIPLO Doctorate Workshop 2023 EUDIPLO Doctorate Workshop 2023
EUDIPLO Doctorate Workshop Groningen 2023 EUDIPLO Doctorate Workshop Groningen 2023
EUDIPLO Summer School Pisa 2022 EUDIPLO Summer School Pisa 2022