The European Union in International Diplomatic Relations


23 September 2022: EUDIPLO/Aarhus University seminar Reassessing 50 Years of EU External Relations Case Law + EUDIPLO Board meeting (Copenhagen)

20-25 June 2022: EUDIPLO Summer School on EU Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities + EUDIPLO Board meeting (Pisa)

31 May 2022: EUDIPLO Conference EU Diplomacy in Multilateral Fora (Geneva)

19 November 2021: EUDIPLO Doctoral Workshop The Law and Practice of EU Diplomacy in Regional and Global Organisations (Geneva)

1 October 2021: EUDIPLO workshop Young Professionals Forum on EU Diplomacy (Pisa) Presentations: Maziere, Manu, Kyriaku, De Grauwe, Fouquet, Vilcinskas, Svircic

9 June 2021: EUDIPLO/ENGAGE webinar Revisiting Decision-Making in the EU’s CFSP: Time to Act? (Leuven) - VIDEO

6 May 2021: EUDIPLO Panel Discussion on The Sofagate Incident: Diplomatic, Legal, Political and Protocol Dimensions, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven) - VIDEO

11 February 2021: EUDIPLO Panel Discussion on The Diplomatic Spat between the EU and the UK regarding the Union Delegation in London, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven) - VIDEO - see also this paper by one of the participants.

20 November 2020: EUDIPLO Kick-off conference The EU in International Diplomatic Relations: Challenges and Opportunities; with a key-note speech by former HRVP Federica Mogherini  (Pisa; online)

12 June 2020: Pre-project workshop on The European Union's External Action and International Law: A View from the Outside, City Law School, City, University of London (with Jed Odermatt)


Future Events

Spring 2023: Interdisciplinary Jean Monnet PhD Workshop on EU Diplomacy (Groningen

Fall 2023: Workshop The EU and international diplomatic law and politics: views from the outside (Groningen/The Hague

New events will be added on a continuous basis

EUDIPLO Lecture Series

7 December 2021: Ramses A. Wessel, The Role of EU in Peace and Security (Geneva)

30 November 2020: EUDIPLO Lecture – EU Diplomacy in 2020: A Conversation with Ambassador Mr. Bart Ouvry, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven)

EUDIPLO Summer School Pisa 2022Summer School 2022